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Answers to questions clients frequently ask LIJO.RENY. architects. (Kindly make sure that you read through the entire content before meeting us.)

What does LIJO.RENY.architects do?

We are Architects who primarily offer services related to Architecture and Interior Design. Apart from this we also engage in Art, Furniture, Products, Accessories, Graphics, etc.

Where is your design studio located?

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10°32’07.8″N 76°12’20.3″E

Location: Punkunnam, District: Thrissur, State: Kerala, Country: INDIA

Do you have branches elsewhere?


Are you registered Architects?

Yes, Reny Lijo and Lijo Jos are registered Architects, under the Council of Architecture (COA), which enables us to practice as Architects across India. They are also members of The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA).

Since when have you been practicing?

Ar. Reny Lijo since 2003 and Ar. Lijo Jos since 2001. LIJO.RENY.architects was founded in the year 2005.

What style of architecture do you practice?

We are constantly searching for a language (style) of our own. As of now our designs can be broadly categorised as Contemporary.

Do you practice Traditional Kerala Architecture?

No. Many have asked us why we don’t practice traditional architecture, being a practice based in Kerala. Here in Kerala many practice pseudo–traditional architecture in the name of Kerala style. We sincerely strive to be a practice that essentially deals with, space, light, experience, etc. Moreover the primary principles that governed the existence and continuation of the traditional style of architecture have changed over the years, namely the climate, the nature of the land, construction materials, construction techniques and also the lifestyle of the people.

Do we have to travel down to your design studio to meet you?

Ideally, yes. That way you’d get to see how we work. It’s advisable to visit us at least once before we engage on the project.

Can we see any of your built works?

We can guide you to our projects that are under construction. However, regarding our finished projects, we prefer to respect the clients’ privacy and let you access only the documentation of the projects (photographs or videos of our project available on the internet)

Do we need to take an appointment to meet you in your design studio?

Yes. We have set aside the morning half of our studio hours purely for designing and it’s in the afternoon half we meet our clients to discuss project-related matters. Hence it is necessary to take an appointment in advance (by mail or phone) so that you can meet us without any waiting.

What time is the best to reach you over the phone?

You can reach us on any day (except, Sundays and Holidays) between 10:30am – 5:30pm. In case we were unable to attend your call, it may be because we were in a meeting. In such a situation, kindly reach us afterwards or leave a message.

When do we have the first meeting?

If you are comfortable with our ideas and working style we can give you an appointment for a meeting in our design studio at the earliest. We usually meet the client in the afternoons (between 3:00pm and 5:30pm) as the mornings are reserved for designing projects.

What documents should we bring when we come to meet you?

The following usually helps us in a productive first meeting: a) Copy of the village sketch of the site b) Detailed requirements for the project. c) Photographs or video clips of the site would be helpful too.

When do you visit the site?

After our first discussion for the project (which happens in our design studio) we would let you know a comfortable date by which we can visit your site.

Do we have to pay you for the first site visit?

Yes. We do charge a nominal fee (+ actual travel fare) for our first site visit if the site is outside Thrissur city limits, as many enquiries that come our way, need not materialise into full-fledged projects due to several reasons.

What services do you offer? What are your fees?

Please refer our services and fee statements for details. If you don’t have it already, do contact us for the same.

When/how do we get the ‘services and fee statement’ from you?

We usually send the ‘services and fee statement’ to the prospective clients only once we have had a detailed discussion (over the phone) regarding the project and choose to take it to the next level. It is necessary that we learn the project brief before we can send you the ‘services and fee statement’. Do give us a call on the numbers given in the contact for the same.

Do we have to pay you an advance before starting the project?

Yes. The amount depends on the project. (Please refer our services and fee statements for details. If you don’t have it already, do contact us for the same.)

If we are comfortable with each other’s ideas, what are the details required before designing our project?

1) Village Site Survey Sketch

2) Total Station (Digital) Survey in CAD dwg format. (We would give you instructions on points to be considered during the survey of your site)

3) Details of the Site (We provide a form that need to be filled up and returned to us by the client)

4) A copy of the Land Deed Document(s)

5) A copy of the Basic Tax Register (BTR from the village office) related to the survey number(s) of your site.

6) A copy of the latest Tax Receipt

7) A copy of the Possession Certificate

8) Any other documents, relevant for the understanding of the context

9) And, of course, detailed Project Requirements

When would you start designing our project?

We take up only a limited number of projects each year, in order to maintain a certain level of quality and as a result, we usually have a waiting list of projects/clients. We would add your project to this list and take it up based on the schedule. Kindly contact us to know the present waiting period.

How does the whole process of designing happen?

If the clients are comfortable with our ideas of architecture/design, we schedule a meeting in our studio and a site visit afterwards. After the site visit, we give them a list of points to be considered when they get the digital survey of the site done. (This is to ensure that there isn’t any error regarding the site details.) Once the survey details are obtained we have a detailed discussion with the clients regarding the requirements of the project. During this discussion, we make a note of all relevant details regarding the project. (This would be a session where we take the client through their requirements right from the entry gate to the backyard of their proposed project.) As the next step, we sit with these requirements and prepare a core concept which would give a direction to their project. Once a basic layout is ready, we invite the clients for the next meeting, which would help us both finalise the design. If the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions it has been our experience that the clients approve what we show them at this stage. Soon after this we strengthen our design based on the outcome of the discussion to refine and then finalise the project. Once the project is finalised, we carry on with the detailed drawings for approval/construction as scheduled.

Who would design our project?

We both (Ar. Reny Lijo and Ar. Lijo Jos) make sure that we are available at the office for all the major meetings, as the design for each project is developed together by us. Once we both feel that the project has reached a desired stage of refinement, one of us handle the project from there onwards. It could be either Ar. Reny Lijo or Ar. Lijo Jos depending on who is relatively free then. The clients since then on would interact with the person handling the project to make communications easier.

Do you give us several options of designs to choose from?

No. As explained earlier, if the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions, it has been our experience that the clients approve the design we present during the first stage itself. When we design and detail each project, we work out several possibilities and ultimately show the clients what we think is the best for them. If the clients have helped us understand them completely, we would be providing them with what is best for their project.

Do you take up Construction of your designs?


Do you supervise your projects?

We do not offer regular supervision, project management, bill checking, etc as we are a small studio that engage with design based solutions rather than the execution of the projects. However, we do offer timely visits at various stages (depending on the scheme chosen) to ensure that the construction is as per the finalised design.

Do you handle Renovation / Extension / Conservation projects?

No. Not for the time being.

If we already have a plan ready from some other source, would you detail/ design the rest of such a project?

No. We prefer to start the project from the scratch to ensure the best from us as Architects.

Do you do Elevations alone?

No. We do not believe in the logic of ‘Elevation Design’. We believe in a practice where the project is designed as a whole and every element has a meaning as well as a role in the perfect working of the design.

Do you design considering Vastu?

No. When a house is designed, we give ventilation (light and breeze) utmost priority. Spatial management, circulation, aesthetics and other design parameters are also not left behind. This is what vastu is supposed to be. But vastu nowadays has been misinterpreted and taken to an unhealthy commercial level, tapping the fear factor of the layman. So in this context, we would like to let you know that we do not render our services to those who need vastu considered for their project, as we have distanced ourselves from such ambiguous beliefs or practices.

How can we contact you?



+91 98470 16689

+91 94469 40633

+91 487 2388633



Project and other related enquiry:

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TC 32/229/1 , Krishna Lane,

Punkunnam, Thrissur-680002

Kerala, INDIA








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